REXX Network (Blockchain) is LIVE For Public Exploration!

REXX Network is LIVE For Public Exploration!

All the REXX coin holders, investors, and community members out there, we’ve some exciting news for you all! The Rexx Network (blockchain) is is LIVE For Public Exploration!

Rexx Network constitutes the native blockchain of the Rexx Ecosystem, a project dedicated to establishing a distinctive Web3 ecosystem for decentralized applications in diverse industries such as online gaming, news, payments, supply chain, and more.

What is Rexx Network?

Rexx Network, designed as a Layer 2 public blockchain platform, promises rapid transaction speed and economical processing fees. Developed in Solidity, Rexx enables developers to create highly secure and fast decentralized applications (Dapps) for various purposes, from DeFi to Metaverse and more, using EVM-compatible tools like Metamask, Truffle, or Remix.

Functioning as an EVM-compatible blockchain, this facilitates the development of next-gen decentralized apps by providing access to essential tools and features.

Scheduled for unveiling on February 17, 2024, the Rexx Network Mainnet follows the earlier launch of components like the Testnet, accessible at

Key features of the Rexx Blockchain Network

  • Type: L2 Blockchain
  • Transaction Speed: 4500 transactions per second on devnet
  • Transaction Fee: ~$0.00061
  • Block Time: 0.3 seconds
  • Transaction Finality (duration): ~45 sec to 10 mins

Compared to other top blockchain platforms, Rexx Network stands out as a level 2 blockchain with superior transaction speed and exceptionally low fees.

Live components of the Our Network

The Rexx Testnet, accessible at, allows developers to test network capabilities and contribute by adding blocks, with an average block time of 15 seconds.

The Rexx Coin Faucet, live at, offers users an opportunity to acquire free REXX by providing their wallet address and completing the required steps.

The Our Network Bridge, available at, enables the exchange of compatible tokens and digital assets between various blockchains, promoting interoperability.

The Rexx Network (Mainnet) launch is scheduled for February 17, 2024, progressing through three phases:

Rexx 1.0, launching first, comprises the basic aspects and functionalities.

Rexx 2.0 focuses on enhancing user experience and performance, fostering increased developer participation.

phase Rexx 3.0 aims to strengthen network capabilities and promote a diverse rollup ecosystem.

Inspired by the Ethereum blockchain, Rexx Network (Rexx 1.0) combines cutting-edge security, low-cost transaction speed, and powerful smart contracts. With features like EVM compatibility and cost-effective transactions, Rexx aspires to revolutionize many existing systems across industries like digital payments and supply chain management.

EVM compatibility allows developers to seamlessly build, deploy, and run their Dapps on the it Rexx boasts a fast processing speed of up to 4500 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchain platforms.

Users stand to benefit from low-cost transactions at just $0.00061 per trade, with additional discounts for Rexx Coin users. The network ensures top-notch security with authorized validators and verified identities, promoting transparency and easy transaction verification.

Before investing in or joining Rexx, make sure to check the KYC and Audit reports at the following links:

For more information, explore the our Network and the project roadmap at

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