REXX Coin Launched on XT.COM Exchange: Trade And Earn Now

REXX Coin Launched on XT.COM Exchange: Trade And Earn Now

We are excited to announce that Rexx Coin Launched on the most popular crypto exchange, initially with the REXX/USDT pair. The trading is live, while interested users can registering their accounts and start trading now.

The same as all new listings, the REXX/USDT trading pair on the exchange will be opened in Innovation Zone (DeFi), which is where all new projects and coins are first listed.

REXX Listing and Trading on

1. Deposit: 10:00 on March 19, 2024 (UTC)

Deposits will be enabled for all users from 10:00 on March 19, 2024 (UTC). If you already have an account on or register now, you can start depositing REXX in your XT wallet from this date.

The process to deposit REXX on is simple. Use your deposit “Address” to send money through a blockchain. Log in to your XT.COM account, click [Funds] → [Overview], and go to the [Deposit] page. Select the coin (REXX) you want to deposit and the corresponding Blockchain name. You will be provided with an Address. Use it to deposit funds to your account.

2. Trading: 13:00 on March 20, 2024 (UTC)

The Rexx coin trading on the exchange will begin at 13:00 on March 20. The REXX/USDT pair will be listed on the exchange, enabling users to buy or sell REXX using USDT.

If you already have REXX in your wallet and want to sell them, you can do so on the exchange and get USDT of equal value, which you can easily trade for fiat or another cryptocurrency.

Similarly, if you want to purchase REXX on, you’ll need to buy USDT first and then use it to buy REXX.

3. Withdrawal: 13:00 on March 21, 2024 (UTC)

REXX withdrawal on will be commenced at 13:00 on March 21. Users looking to withdraw their REXX coins or transfer to another wallet can do so from this date.

To withdraw REXX, log in to your XT.COM account and go to [Asset]→[Spot Account]. Select or search the token you wish to withdraw (REXX) and click the [Withdraw] button.

Provide other details, including withdraw type, address (where you want to send REXX), blockchain network, and number of coins to withdraw.

Verify the details, including the token amount and network fee, and click “Withdraw” to proceed.

Why purchase or trade REXX on

XT.COM is a very popular, secure, and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform with support for 800+ verified tokens and 1000+ trading pairs. It supports many popular trading techniques, including spot trading, margin trading, and limit orders.

Moreover, the exchange now also allows P2P trading on its platform, enabling users to trade directly with each other. Other features include low fees, high liquidity, and social infusion.

XT.COM is right now one of the best platforms to buy and trade REXX at the best price in the market. The REXX Coin has recently concluded its very successful presale and will launch on officially on 19th March at the price of $0.1.

The incredible suite of use cases in the form of decentralized apps and solutions of REXX positions the coin for tremendous growth in value and demand in the coming months, making it the perfect time to invest in REXX. If you missed the presale, you can purchase REXX now on Act quickly for the best price.

Rexx Coin Use Cases include –

  • ReXXnetwork
  • ReXXchange
  • ReXXpad
  • ReXXverse
  • ReXXpay
  • ReXXVault
  • ReXXpress
  • ReXXconnect
  • ReXXplorer
  • ReXXchain

Some developers have already developed some of these applications, while others are currently under development. Please refer to the Rexx’s official website or read our whitepaper for project roadmap details.

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