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REXX Coin IDO Sale on Pinksale Finance Launchpad LIVE

REXX IDO Sale on Pinksale Finance Launchpad LIVE

REXX Coin, a pioneering blockchain project, is excited to announce the launch of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) sale on the renowned Pinksale Finance Launchpad. The much-anticipated event is scheduled to kick off on January 25th, 2024, with the Phase 1 sale planned between 25th and 31st Jan

The REXX IDO marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey, which started in 2023 with a vision to revolutionize multiple sectors through innovative blockchain solutions.

Investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and the crypto community worldwide are invited to participate in the REXX IDO sale on Pinksale Launchpad, joining the first few community members to witness REXX’s cutting-edge developments. The REXX IDO sale promises a unique opportunity to engage with and contribute to the project’s vision, enabling participants to invest in and profit from the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology with REXX.

Key Highlights of the REXX IDO Sale:


The REXX IDO sale will be held in three phases. Phase 1 of IDO is set to commence on January 25th, 2024, and will conclude on January 31st, 2024.

The timeline for Phase 2 sale is 1 Feb 2024 to 5 Feb 2024, which will be followed by IDO Phase 3 scheduled between 6 Feb 2024 and 10 Feb 2024.

There is a limited time window for contributors to secure their stake in the futuristic Rexx Ecosystem.


Leveraging the reputable Pinksale Finance Launchpad, REXX ensures a secure and streamlined token sale experience for crypto community members and participants. Visit on 25 January to join the REXX IDO sale.

REXX IDO Phase 1 details:

The phase 1 IDO sale of REXX is set to begin on 25 January.

Total tokens for sale: 35,000,000 or 35 million

Price per token: $0.0400

About REXX

REXX, which is the native utility token of the Rexx Ecosystem, fuels the entire ecosystem and all its apps and platforms, offering seamless features and utility for the ecosystem users and participants.

The REXX IDO sale encourages widespread participation, fostering a vibrant community that aligns with REXX’s mission and values.

REXX remains committed to transparency, security, and community-driven growth. As the REXX IDO sale on Pinksale Finance Launchpad approaches, we look forward to welcoming a diverse group of participants eager to join the decentralized revolution.

For more information about the REXX IDO sale and to receive updates on the Rexx Ecosystem project, please visit on official website or join our Telegram channel.

About Rexx Ecosystem

Rexx represents a cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem, offering numerous decentralized solutions through specialized platforms or applications catering to various sectors including gaming, digital payments, news, supply chains, entertainment, and beyond.

In essence, Rexx utilizes blockchain technology to address and resolve a wide range of everyday challenges across different industries.

About PinkSale Launchpad

PinkSale is a protocol designed to empower individuals with the ability to conduct their initial token sales and introduce their tokens to the market in a highly secure and managed environment. No coding expertise is necessary for interested users to build and launch tokens on PinkSale. The user-friendly interface makes it super convenient for anyone to generate tokens and commence the sale process with just a few simple mouse clicks.


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