REXX Coin Airdrop Running On, Join Now For 3X Bonus Tokens!

REXX Coin Airdrop Running On, Join Now For 3X Bonus Tokens

Crypto enthusiasts and investors around the world are welcome to join the REXX COIN Airdrop, which offers a 3X bonus to investors who purchase REXX coins during the airdrop period.

REXX COIN Airdrop period: 15 Nov 2023 To 14 Dec 2023

To participate in the Rexx Coin Airdrop, one must follow the official social channels of REXX, buy a minimum of 1,000 REXX tokens before the airdrop ends, and refer at least three friends to join the REXX presale.

Once you complete all the steps, bonus tokens will be credited to your wallet.

What’s the Rexx Coin Airdrop?

An airdrop is a chance for crypto enthusiasts to get free or bonus cryptocurrencies.

REXX is offering a similar opportunity to crypto lovers, who can now win 3X bonus tokens when purchasing REXX coins during the airdrop period.

At the current price of $0.0100 per token (during the phase 2 presale), if you purchase 1,000 tokens worth $10, you can win 3X bonus tokens during the airdrop period. The offer is only applicable when you purchase REXX during the airdrop period and also complete all the steps of the REXX Airdrop program.

5 Steps to Join REXX Coin Airdrop

Follow these simple steps to participate in the REXX airdrop on or before 14th Dec 2023 and get 3X bonus tokens.

Step 1: Follow @RexxCoin on Twitter: Make sure to type the correct spelling or just copy and paste @RexxCoin on Twitter to search and follow the official REXX Twitter channel.

Step 2: @rexxcoin on Telegram: Go to Telegram and search rexxcoin. Make sure to follow the official page/channel only and be aware of fake profiles.

Step 3: Buy a Minimum of 1K Rexx Token (Worth $10): Visit and sign up to buy REXX coin during the ongoing presale. Make sure to buy at least 1,000 tokens before 14 Dec to be eligible for bonus tokens.

Step 4: Refer at least 3 Friends: Visit the REXX website and sign in to your account to generate your unique referral link. Share your referral link with your friends and family, asking them to join the REXX presale and buy the REXX coin. You’ll also receive 5% of their purchase in BNB for people who buy REXX through your unique link.

Step 5: Enter Your Crypto Wallet Address: Visit the following link and enter your details along with your crypto wallet address where you want to receive your bonus tokens.

Visit to get started. Join the REXX Airdrop before 14 Dec 2023.

Rexx Coin ICO Presale Phase 3 starts soon. Find details.

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About the Rexx Ecosystem and Rexx Coin

Rexx Coin is a utility token that works as the native cryptocurrency of the Rexx Ecosystem. It’s a cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain for high efficiency and transaction speed. REXX Coin is the gateway to the REXX ecosystem and provides access to the diverse solutions offered by Rexx to enable holders to access and enjoy services like decentralized news, decentralized gaming, borderless payments, a transparent supply chain system, in-wallet token exchange, and many more.

Check out the REXX Intro video:

Rexx creates a next-gen blockchain ecosystem to facilitate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and enable people to learn and benefit from this revolutionary tech. It offers multiple innovative and globally accessible decentralized solutions tailored for diverse industries including news, gaming, digital payments, supply chains, entertainment, and more.

The Rexx Coin will have countless use cases not just as a cryptocurrency that investors can trade on the exchange but also as a utility token that gives access to multiple ingenious decentralized apps (dApps), including ReXXpay, ReXXverse, ReXXchain, ReXXplorer, ReXXchange, ReXXconnect, ReXXpress, and ReXXvault.

BlockSAFU, a top blockchain audit firm, audited the Rexx Ecosystem project and smart contracts, confirming their legitimacy in terms of various security and technical paradigms.

Check out the audit report

KYC report

To join the REXX Airdrop, visit

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